Welcome to the Members Area. Available to all those we have trained as AAR Conductors; these pages are packed full of everything you need to run an effective AAR and strengthen your knowledge and skills.

AAR CDP Workshop Materials

Here are all the materials needed when you are participating in the iTS AAR Conductor Development Programmes to support your learning now and in the future. Included are graphics and sample forms to help you explain AARs to others, record AARs and evaluate the impact of AAR.


AAR Conductor briefings

These briefings take an in depth look at one aspect of AAR practice and its theoretical or conceptual context to bring added depth to your understanding of the AAR approach.


Articles and research papers

This section provides you with summaries of the most valuable research into AAR and links to key articles that describe how AAR  is being used in different contexts.



Here you will find a small and growing number of videos released to support AAR Conductors learning from others. We will also include links to recordings hosted elsewhere.