The research is clear and compelling. Individual and team performance can be improved by 25% by using After Action Reviews. Regular practice of iTS AAR delivers the reward of small and large improvements which in turn encourages more iTS AAR activity and a shift in mindset so that problems become opportunities for learning rather than burdens.


In many workplaces, enormous amounts of energy are spent avoiding issues that are judged too hot to handle, getting work-arounds and building bridges over the difficulties rather than addressing them. iTS AAR not only provides a framework through which all the trickiest topics can be understood and managed into solutions, it also changes the negative energy of avoidance and anxiety into positive energy, engagement and innovation.

iTS AAR helps you to create the ideal organisational learning environment, where all are united by a shared approach to learning and where knowledge is articulated and put to good use.


Culture is created through the language and customs of people so when you integrate the language and practice of iTS AAR into your organisation, it influences how people behave.

By providing a framework for having honest conversations without personal blame and with increased accountability, repeated use of the iTS AAR approach models ways of interacting that are more open, where learning is the aim, rather than avoidance and blame.  This then impacts on the whole culture of the organisation and creates healthy attitudes to problem solving and collaboration.


It’s often said that people are a company’s best asset but in reality, it’s the relationship between people that makes all the difference to how a company or team performs. Once the operational basics are working well it is the synergy of the team that delivers the all-important competitive advantage because the whole of the team is greater than the sum of the parts.

Yet fostering healthy, productive relationships between people is often left to chance or is a hoped-for outcome from a team away day or from weekly team meetings. Today’s businesses will advance by capitalising on the effective problem solving, agile working and great results which come from the impressive team performance iTS AAR fosters.

From our clients

AAR has allowed us to really focus on learning from our joint experiences through the application of this simple and effective process. We are able to then adjust the way we operate through the shared understanding.

Programme Manager, Sydney, Australia

Highly effective tool to facilitate learning from experiences while gaining different perspectives.”

Head of Learning and Development

AAR has been hugely valuable to the organisations we work with, supporting their transformation. It helps them develop the courage to try things out by giving them a structure in which they feel safe the fail fast and learn from it.”

Executive Director NHS

“AAR is an extremely easy process to use to fantastic effect. It helps to diffuse often difficult and tense situations through its application.”

Associate Director

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