After Action Review (AAR) is a structured approach to learning from any shared experience or event. It is the​ KEYSTONE to achieving rapid actionable learning. In clinical and business environments alike, the AAR approach ensures your people learn fast and solve problems together effectively and improve patient safety and team performance.

What we do?

We are international experts in bringing the AAR approach to life in todays and tomorrows’ organisations, with an impressive list of recent business and healthcare clients who are already benefitting. We are passionate about helping people develop the skills and confidence to lead the best possible After Action Reviews for their own organisations. We also use our expertise as external AAR conductors to enable clients to learn from their key challenges through AARs or ensure the team prepares well for action with the Before Action Review.

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Why Unite, Learn, Advance?

When iTS AAR is fully embedded in your organisation it UNITEs all in a shared approach to learning from experience, enabling all to contribute towards developing solutions which improve future performance.

When an organisation is able to use iTS AAR to LEARN from the exceptional and the everyday, the energy for continuous improvement and innovation is unleashed.

Not only does After Action Review ADVANCE team performance by 25%, it will increase the speed and quality of improvement in patient safety and boost the effectiveness of operational activities.

Why AAR in healthcare environments?

Learning to continuously improve the delivery of safe and effective patient care is an ethical and professional imperative. In such a complex operating environment, with multiple interfaces between staff, patients and processes, there are no simple answers.  Yet the people involved have enormous capacity to adapt, collaborate and find solutions when the conditions are right. AAR creates those right conditions. The military origins of AAR demonstrated the power of learning with and from the “troops on the ground”. Applied In clinical settings AAR delivers the double benefit of powerful learning at the point of care, and clarity on the connections between the many parts of the system to align direction and purpose.

Applying After Action Review

At iTS Leadership, we have developed a set of products under the iTS AAR banner with the core goal of helping people, teams and organisations to achieve rapid actionable learning.

It’s not enough to simply use the four iTS AAR questions, brilliant though they are. The transformational results of the iTS AAR approach can only be realised when there is a skilled facilitator, called the “AAR Conductor” who holds people in the process to get to incredibly powerful learning. We provide both a professional AAR and BAR facilitation service, and a  comprehensive package to train your own AAR Conductors and our expert guidance to help you to embed this highly effective approach into your organisation.


About us

The iTS Leadership team brings a wealth of first-hand experience of After Action Review in performance improvement, the military and healthcare and demanding business environments. We are all passionate about sharing its incredible value with others. The iTS AAR products and services have been created out of our shared knowledge of what is needed for you to embed AAR successfully and reap all the benefits of enriched organisational learning.

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Jill Threadgold

Business Consultant

Elena Hinova-McNamee

Business Consultant

After Action Review is the keystone to ensuring your business is agile and responsive to change

Antony Tinker

Leading Director

Tim Sandiford OBE

Senior Business Consultant

Liz Babb

Head of Commercial Ops

From our clients

“Our experience is that AAR is simple and easy to use. It’s not only an improvement tool but one that has a major effect on the relationships and culture of a team. These two things make it infectious and just like that famous snack “once you pop, you can’t stop” which makes it sustainable too.”

Exec Director, NHS

I love the way that AAR gives everyone the opportunity to have an equal voice and really learn from experiences together. The joint learning through AAR is incredible.”
Programme Manager, Sydney, Australia

If you work in a fast-paced organisation where new projects are currently being undertaken then AARs will ensure that the business will perform as efficiently as it is able to, solving issues and developing successes.”
National Sales Manager

Regularly using AAR has created a safe and trusting environment for the team, strengthening relationships and flattening any hierarchy created by management tiers. Everyone can take part and share their experiences.”
Commissioning Manager

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